J’adore Chanel

Who doesn’t love Chanel?

Coco Chanel: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

I love and admire her fashion sense, she was the one and only.

Since I can’t took pictures today (because we have a lot of snow and it’s not possible) I decided to describe you my favorite make up foundations from Chanel. I use them every day and they are one of my favourite make up foundations.


You can read the description on Chanel site  but in this post I’ll tell you from my experience.

Here are my top three beauty products:

It is a perfect long lasting fluid make up for oily or combination skin type. I have combination skin type and sometimes I get pimples. It is oil free foundation, does not cause new spots and gives your skin a medium coverage. Although it is shine-free I shine very soon so I have to use some loose powder. I don’t use it in the winter because of the wind, cold, alternation of different temperatures our skin need more oils so on my face this foundation looks like my skin is peeling of. But I recommend it for the spring or autumn. It’s got SPF 15 which is great. I have it in color 42 PETALE (it is really nice color).


I bought this make up for the winter and I am very happy with it. On Chanel site it is described as “The ultimate solution to tired skin”. This foundation is more for dry, dull and uneven skin so it is prefect for the winter time when my skin is more dry. It gives your skin low to medium coverage. First thing that bothers me is that when I get nervous my face get very shiny so I have to use loose powder very often. Otherwise, I shine like a Christmas tree on my T-zone. Second thing is that it has low to medium coverage so it doesn’t coverage my pimples. So I have to concealed them with green concealer. My skin colour has a slightly yellowish undertone so I hard find a perfect colour. I have it in colour 40 BEIGE and it is perfect colour for that type of skin.


Every day I use this product. I couldn’t live without it. It is called a MAT LUMIERE compact powder. It is a must have for oily or combinated skin type. When I apply my foudation then I always use this one. It absorbs excess fats and gives you perfect mat finish. When I get nervous or I’m hot my T-zone gets very shine. I hate that so I use it during the day. I have it in colour 40 SABLE. It has also an SPF 10. You can apply it with brush or with a sponge that you get along with the powder. If you use a sponge don’t forget to wash and desinfect it after every use. It gets very dirty and full of bacteria (you can get pimples) so don’t use it if it is dirty. It is a big NO NO.

For more glowing, healthier and without impurity skin use peeling 1-2 a week. About my favourite peeling I will describe you very soon in my new Beauty tips post.

XOXO, Brina


Let it Snow!

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful …

Yes it’s frightful because it is freezing outside and it is snowing … again… brrrrrr. I can’t wait for spring and some higher temperatures. But for now it’s better and more comfortable to sit at home next to the fireplace with a cup of tea or a hot chocolate, watch a good movie and cuddle with my boo.

Topshop earrings

For today outfit I choose very warm (fake) fur jacket,  knitted dress and a pair of comfortable boots.

Street style

Winter street style

Brown coat

Winter street styleCold Winter street style

I wear fur jacket (old), Zara knitted dress, boots (old), Topshop earrings.

Neon Pink

In previous post about Neon and Spikes I mentioned that I love neon colors.

One of my favourite nail polish colour is this one in neon pink. It is from Orly and the colour is BEACH CRUISER, number 40760. It’s a fabulous colour and it is perfect for the summer.

I like Orly nail polishes very much because they are very resistant.

Rings are from H&M.

XOXO, Brina

neon pink

neon pink nail polish

neon pink nails

neon pink Orly nail polish

In love with neon & spikes

Current fashion trend are definitely spikes and studs. I absolutely adore this fashion trend. Spikes are so sexy and dangerous…

spikes & studs

neon & spikes

Neon yellow, pink, orange, green, blue colours are coming back this spring. I absolutely love those colours because they stand out, especially if there are in combinations with spikes. For this outfit I’ve chose simple black sweater, black coat, black leather gloves, for gold touch gold bracelet and of course my new neon yellow bag with spikes.

XOXO,  Brina

neon & spikes

neon & spikes

neon & spikes

neon & spikes

I wear Dorothy perkins coat, H&M sweater, Salsa jeans, H&M bracelet, Topshop earrings, Humanic shoes, Top moda bag, Tally weijl gloves and scarf.

My Name is Brina

Welcome to my fashion oriented blog diary!

Let me introduce myself to you… well, according to the name of the blog you can figure it out that my name is Brina :). I’m 25 years old and I come from a small country called Slovenia. It’s a beautiful country and I’m happy that I live here.

I work as a beauty therapist. In my free time my hobby and passion is fashion and everything associated with it. I’m a shopping freak:). I enjoy following and exploring fashion trends, going to the stores,shopping… like most of the girls do:). When I buy something new I get so excited like a happy kid when he gets some candy:)

I’ve always wanted to write a blog about fashion and beauty tips. It’s like a diary, but here I can post  pictures of my styles, fashion trends, favourite cosmetics products, beauty tips and all the things I like. This fashion blog is all about my point of view on fashion I would like to share with you.

My favourite fashion sentence is:

“Fashion is not necessarily about labels. It’s not about brands. It’s about something else that comes from within you.”
– Ralph Lauren

So if you like it, keep on reading it.

Here we go… this is fashion through my eyes…. XOXO, Brina