GUCCI – My Dog

Gucci… the dog 🙂 .

Let me introduce you my baby boo Gucci.

Gucci is a tiny little chihuahua. He is only 4 months old and I just j’adore him.


For a long time I wanted to have a dog of my one. Before Gucci my boyfriend had an English bulldog named Lancy. I love that dog so much and I am still sad that he is gone. I miss him so so much. He was so funny and behind that silly face was hiding such a loving dog. Last year (he was only one year old), one day after a long walk he was suddenly very exhausted so we have taken him to the vet and he said that he was probably poisoned. So we lost him in one day. It happened so fast… very sad story. I missed our cuddling, playing, our walks so much. So after long consideration, I decided to get myself new dog.

English bulldog Lancy R.I.P.

So now i have Gucci. He is my joy and the star of our family.

Gucci  Gucci-