New Shoes In – Spikes and Leopard

I have some new babies in my closet :). I can’t wait to wear them when the weather outside will be a little bit warmer.

First pair of shoes are in a georgeous combination which I love very much – SPIKES & LEOPARD pattern. I’ve bought them in a sale, so they were very cheap. The heel isn’t so high. They are from Zara store.

Zara shoes



The second new pair of shoes are also from Zara. These flats are from their new collection. You can choose them in a black or red color. I like the gold tip detail. The bracelets are from H&M and Stradivarius.

Zara flats

Third pair is from my favourite brand Guess. They are a classic open – toe pumps with a bow on the tips. The heels are quite high but still these are the most comfortable shoes ever. Just love them.

Guess shoes

Guess pumps  Guess open-toe pumps


Ombre hair color Technique

The spring is finally here. Every spring I usually change my hair color. In the winter I have a darker color and in the spring and summer I dye my hair in brighter colours.

This year is definitely Ombre hair coloring technique a big fashion trend. This hairstyle is perfect for the summer, it is unique, natural and it gives a sun-bleached look. It is a combination of two different colors, where the top of the head is in dark color and the roots are lighter.

This hair coloring technique is very popular on the red carpet:



Last spring my hairstylist dyed my hair in this technique and it looked great but then in the winter I dyed my hair again in dark brown color.

Last week I watched a video Ombre DIY with L’oreal Feria Wild Ombre kit on YouTube channel made by blogger Dulce Candy (by the way I love her blog).

So I was curious how will it turn out and I decided to do this myself at home.

I went to the store and I found this kit. I couldn’t decide to buy bleach to lighten my hair or this kit. At the end I’ve chosen a L’oreal Feria Wild Ombre kit. I admit that I was very nervous to try this myself.

Ombre kit


The color is very easy to use and I am quite impressed at the results. It is not so aggressive that I expected to be. My roots aren’t damaged. I was scared that in the end the color will be orange because I have a lot of red pigment in my hair, but it is quite nice color.

Here are some pics of before and after:

before coloring

after coloring

Me and my model Gucci 🙂

me and gucci