Mickey Mouse

Hello my fashionistas.

In today’s outfit the star is Mickey Mouse. Who doesn’t love Disney’s funny cartoon characters, right.
I’ve chosen Disney Mickey Mouse sweater with combination in red color. I put some comfortable red sneakers with gold spike details on and I was ready to take action.

XOXO, Brina

Mickey Mouse outfitred outfitmickeys shirtred shoes

red shoes

 I wear: Disney Mickey Mouse sweater from H&M, Stradivarius shorts, H&M belt, Stradivarius blazer, Berskha necklace, rings are from TopShop, Stradivarius bracelets, read sneakers (old) – sorry I can’t remeber the name of the store.


New Shoes In – Spikes and Leopard

I have some new babies in my closet :). I can’t wait to wear them when the weather outside will be a little bit warmer.

First pair of shoes are in a georgeous combination which I love very much – SPIKES & LEOPARD pattern. I’ve bought them in a sale, so they were very cheap. The heel isn’t so high. They are from Zara store.

Zara shoes



The second new pair of shoes are also from Zara. These flats are from their new collection. You can choose them in a black or red color. I like the gold tip detail. The bracelets are from H&M and Stradivarius.

Zara flats

Third pair is from my favourite brand Guess. They are a classic open – toe pumps with a bow on the tips. The heels are quite high but still these are the most comfortable shoes ever. Just love them.

Guess shoes

Guess pumps  Guess open-toe pumps

Ombre hair color Technique

The spring is finally here. Every spring I usually change my hair color. In the winter I have a darker color and in the spring and summer I dye my hair in brighter colours.

This year is definitely Ombre hair coloring technique a big fashion trend. This hairstyle is perfect for the summer, it is unique, natural and it gives a sun-bleached look. It is a combination of two different colors, where the top of the head is in dark color and the roots are lighter.

This hair coloring technique is very popular on the red carpet:



Last spring my hairstylist dyed my hair in this technique and it looked great but then in the winter I dyed my hair again in dark brown color.

Last week I watched a video Ombre DIY with L’oreal Feria Wild Ombre kit on YouTube channel made by blogger Dulce Candy (by the way I love her blog).

So I was curious how will it turn out and I decided to do this myself at home.

I went to the store and I found this kit. I couldn’t decide to buy bleach to lighten my hair or this kit. At the end I’ve chosen a L’oreal Feria Wild Ombre kit. I admit that I was very nervous to try this myself.

Ombre kit


The color is very easy to use and I am quite impressed at the results. It is not so aggressive that I expected to be. My roots aren’t damaged. I was scared that in the end the color will be orange because I have a lot of red pigment in my hair, but it is quite nice color.

Here are some pics of before and after:

before coloring

after coloring

Me and my model Gucci 🙂

me and gucci

Grey day

grey skirt

The weather today was sunny, but very cold. For today outfit I decided to mix black, brown and grey. I wear a black leather jacket, black fur vest, grey skirt and some brown booties.

grey skirt


brown shoes



I wear: Stradivarius black leather jacket, grey skirt, Berskha black fur vest, Killah brown booties, H&M, Topshop jewelry and D&G watch.

XOXO, Brina

Rock the pattern

pattern outfit

Today’s outfit it’s all about pattern. I absolutely love pattern print. In this outfit I mix pattern print with a touch of rock leather jacket and some biker boots.

tedy outfit

tedy hat


my accesories


I wear: Stradivarius leather jacket, denim shirt, ethnic print leggings, H&M jewelry, biker boots (old)

Have a nice rest of the day,  XOXO Brina

GUCCI – My Dog

Gucci… the dog 🙂 .

Let me introduce you my baby boo Gucci.

Gucci is a tiny little chihuahua. He is only 4 months old and I just j’adore him.


For a long time I wanted to have a dog of my one. Before Gucci my boyfriend had an English bulldog named Lancy. I love that dog so much and I am still sad that he is gone. I miss him so so much. He was so funny and behind that silly face was hiding such a loving dog. Last year (he was only one year old), one day after a long walk he was suddenly very exhausted so we have taken him to the vet and he said that he was probably poisoned. So we lost him in one day. It happened so fast… very sad story. I missed our cuddling, playing, our walks so much. So after long consideration, I decided to get myself new dog.

English bulldog Lancy R.I.P.

So now i have Gucci. He is my joy and the star of our family.

Gucci  Gucci-


J’adore Chanel

Who doesn’t love Chanel?

Coco Chanel: “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.”

I love and admire her fashion sense, she was the one and only.

Since I can’t took pictures today (because we have a lot of snow and it’s not possible) I decided to describe you my favorite make up foundations from Chanel. I use them every day and they are one of my favourite make up foundations.


You can read the description on Chanel site  but in this post I’ll tell you from my experience.

Here are my top three beauty products:

It is a perfect long lasting fluid make up for oily or combination skin type. I have combination skin type and sometimes I get pimples. It is oil free foundation, does not cause new spots and gives your skin a medium coverage. Although it is shine-free I shine very soon so I have to use some loose powder. I don’t use it in the winter because of the wind, cold, alternation of different temperatures our skin need more oils so on my face this foundation looks like my skin is peeling of. But I recommend it for the spring or autumn. It’s got SPF 15 which is great. I have it in color 42 PETALE (it is really nice color).


I bought this make up for the winter and I am very happy with it. On Chanel site it is described as “The ultimate solution to tired skin”. This foundation is more for dry, dull and uneven skin so it is prefect for the winter time when my skin is more dry. It gives your skin low to medium coverage. First thing that bothers me is that when I get nervous my face get very shiny so I have to use loose powder very often. Otherwise, I shine like a Christmas tree on my T-zone. Second thing is that it has low to medium coverage so it doesn’t coverage my pimples. So I have to concealed them with green concealer. My skin colour has a slightly yellowish undertone so I hard find a perfect colour. I have it in colour 40 BEIGE and it is perfect colour for that type of skin.


Every day I use this product. I couldn’t live without it. It is called a MAT LUMIERE compact powder. It is a must have for oily or combinated skin type. When I apply my foudation then I always use this one. It absorbs excess fats and gives you perfect mat finish. When I get nervous or I’m hot my T-zone gets very shine. I hate that so I use it during the day. I have it in colour 40 SABLE. It has also an SPF 10. You can apply it with brush or with a sponge that you get along with the powder. If you use a sponge don’t forget to wash and desinfect it after every use. It gets very dirty and full of bacteria (you can get pimples) so don’t use it if it is dirty. It is a big NO NO.

For more glowing, healthier and without impurity skin use peeling 1-2 a week. About my favourite peeling I will describe you very soon in my new Beauty tips post.

XOXO, Brina